Updating the Rosemont Development Plan

There is no more pressing issue in District 3 than the RoseArts district. Finding the balance between expansion and preserving our environment is key. 


As currently proposed, this development is just too massive. Slight changes need to be made   I also believe, as many residents do, the eight story plan is the main issue.  I believe no large buildings should be situated near residential homes but rather should be located near OBT.


We need another scale and a new plan.  It cannot go in as it is now. Residents deserve more answers on the "brown outs" of electricity that many are already having in that community.  

We must address concerns about drainage and environmental issues. The developer should be made to prove that any development won’t create environmental or flooding issues before any kind of development is approved. This property is currently in a flood plain, and developers are set to destroy hundreds of decades old cypress trees. 


 Residents deserve improved traffic flow, as well..This proposed plan could potentially cause 4,200 more car trips per day on our neighborhood streets, as well as increased density.


I am for common-sense development that will enhance living, provide housing, and of course, provide us better safety.  Our community has suffered from crime and some neglect for a while it seems, and creating safe, livable spaces is important. 


 Let’s get a better plan of what does go in this location, and be smart about all development- taking into account the public's input and ideas.

Common-Sense Growth

Every neighborhood in District 3 deserves to experience common-sense growth in a way that is fair and equitable. A community's expansion should be people-powered, and not controlled by developers and/or the powers that be. 

Community input and engagement is vital in all stages of development and planning. Small business owners and residents should have a seat at the table from start to finish, so we rest assured that our community will have proper traffic flow, low crime, and safe, well-patrolled streets that provide us a reasonable means of walking, bicycling, and traveling.   Transparency and communication are vital to our District's success

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Property Taxes

A local freeze on property taxes due to the COVID-19 crisis for up to three years would do so much to relieve some of the financial burden from our ever-so-important small businesses and residents. We must do what we can to protect these local resources. 

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Police Cars

Tools for the Police Force

Shootings and violence are on the rise. Our police force is underpaid, understaffed, and frankly, due to the high risks involved, no one wants to go into this employment field.

We must prioritize funding for high-quality training for our public safety officers on a mental & physical level,  and make this not just a job, but a career that our officers are passionate about.  With crime on the rise, we must do what it takes to protect those who are out protecting us. 

Aerial View of a Beautiful Property

Property Incentives

Limiting the "tear downs" of homes while enhancing current properties with incentive programs will encourage residents to stay and grow the wealth of the neighborhood.  

Empowering Women & Minorites

Our government should be more representative of the diverse community in which we live. Empowering and supporting more women for higher levels of work in government so that we all can have a more equitable and fair standard of living is key, as well as promoting diversity in government. 

Having the representation of LGBTQ+, Hispanic, and Black & Brown voices is so important to our city. We must strive to have general overall better representation of YOU, the people. 

Women in the Street

Proper Docking of Bikes & Scooters

The addition of electric bikes and scooters in our district is something that may have been a good idea- if it had been done correctly and if the impact on our community had been fulled considered. 


Residents do need a way to get around without a vehicle for many reasons, however, when concerns were raised to the current commissioner, these concerns went ignored.

In speaking with local citizens, I believe the following would enhance the current situation and lead to safer sidewalks and streets:

  • Proper docking locations for bikes and scooters.

  • Penalties for those who do not return scooters and bikes to the docking stations 

  • Setting a safe speed for electric scooters being respectful of those who live with disabilities and elderly citizens who share the sidewalks.

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Pedestrian Path

Pedestrian & Cyclist

Pedestrians, cyclists, and those who use wheelchairs need safe paths to utilize in this fast growing district and city. 

Proper, smart development needs to occur in order for our community to promote safe traveling and recreation. However, developing new areas all the way up to the road and leaving no spaces for greenery or walking paths is not a good idea.  Having a walkable, bikable city is important to enhancing our quality of life, and helping to promote environmental sustainability. 


I do not support removing vehicle lanes, as taking away vehicle lanes creates an "aggressive driver."

An aggressive driver starts to speed, cut through neighborhoods and creates danger for anyone in or out of a vehicle. We will work to find a happy medium, where all travelers- be they in car, on foot, or on wheels- have a way space to get from point A to point B. 


Public Input

The process of public input in our community decisions is one of the most important in our District. Every voice should matter when it comes to decisions, particularly large decisions, such as major new development, that will impact our area for generations to come. 

When input is gathered early on the process, there is less negative feedback, less errors, and more success overall when a project is complete, as the public is generally on board with the new project and felt that their voices mattered. 



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