Candidate Fugate Concerned About Lack of Commitment on Current Rosemont Development Plan


COLLEGE PARK, FL—Commissioner Robert Stuart was unable or unwilling to answer the question, “Do you support the eight story plan?” asked at the Rosemont Homeowners Association on July 13 according to District 3 Commissioner candidate Martin “Leigh Shannon” Fugate.

“Like many others at the meeting, I am concerned about the impact of the eight story building on our community,” said Shannon. “Many of us were troubled that Commissioner Stuart didn’t answer the question.”

Shannon’s priorities include updating the Rosemont Development Plan, where a developer has proposed a massive mixed-use project on the shores of Lake Orlando. Shannon believes the proposed development is too large for the area and many in the room agreed with him citing concerns such as traffic and flooding.

Shannon has been canvassing the Rosemont area for the last three weeks speaking with community members and attending meetings as he runs for Commissioner. “This is a wonderful community and the last thing they need is 5,600 apartments as proposed in this project,” Shannon said. “There are existing apartments that need attention to bring them up to community standards.” Shannon is in favor of encouraging more home ownership in the area much like the Baldwin Park model.

Shannon also shared the opinion of community members at the meeting that their voices were not being heard or validated. “Commissioners are elected officials of the people. When the people are not being heard and acknowledged, it creates problems. I intend to be the voice of the people by encouraging open discussion and engagement.”

Martin “Leigh Shannon” Fugate, a College Park resident and business owner, owns Ritzy Rags Wigs & More and is also an actor, comedian and female impersonator who frequently performs at Hamburger Mary’s and other venues around the region. “I’m already in public service,” Fugate says. “That’s just what I do. Everything is about the people. Here at my business, I listen to my customers and make decisions based on what they want and need. In my shows, I adjust as I perform based on the reactions from my audiences. I think if you do the same as a commissioner and you do your best to hear them and do as much as you can to help them, then you will succeed, and I truly believe I’m the best man for this job and will be the voice of the people.”

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