Local Businessman/Entertainer Promise to Be the Voice of the People


COLLEGE PARK, FL—“The voice of the people must be heard and acknowledged,” said Martin “Leigh Shannon” Fugate candidate for District 3 Commissioner. “Despite the RoseArts application being defeated in April due to community opposition, the developer has brought the same plan back.” Shannon encourages the community to come out and make their voices heard again at the Municipal Planning Board Meeting, July 20 at 8:30 am. in Orlando City Council Chambers located at 400 South Orange Avenue, Orlando.

Last November, Orlando’s Municipal Planning Board (MPB) approved the multi-phased redevelopment of the land, which called for 6,000 residential units surrounded by parks, with adjacent shopping and dining within the community. The project drew support, as well as fierce opposition due to the proposed building heights and intensity of the project. Rosemont area residents appealed the MPB decision, and the City Council was seconds away from granting that appeal on April 12 when the attorney Rebecca Wilson withdrew the applications. Commissioners agreed with the Rosemont residents that Westside Capital’s vision wasn’t compatible with the existing neighborhood.

The community is not against development,“ said Shannon. “We want smart growth that ensures the safety of our roads and streets. This project as proposed, is too big and will impact the community negatively which was why it was defeated in April.”

If you are unable to attend the meeting, Shannon encourages you to contact Lourdes Diaz, Municipal Planning Board secretary by email  or call her at (407) 246-3365 and state your opposition to RoseArts.

Commissioner Candidate Martin “Leigh Shannon” Fugate, a College Park resident and business owner, owns Ritzy Rags Wigs & More and is also an actor, comedian and female impersonator who frequently performs at Hamburger Mary’s and other venues around the region. “I’m already in public service,” Fugate says. “That’s just what I do. Everything is about the people. Here at my business, I listen to my customers and make decisions based on what they want and need. In my shows, I adjust as I perform based on the reactions from my audiences. I think if you do the same as a commissioner and you do your best to hear them and do as much as you can to help them, then you will succeed, and I truly believe I’m the best man for this job and will be the voice of the people.”

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