Martin “Leigh Shannon” Fugate Celebrates 46 Years In Show Business, Fundraises For Stroke Awareness


COLLEGE PARK, FL— Martin “Leigh Shannon” Fugate will be celebrating 46 years in show business on Saturday January 29th, 2022 during a very special “Leigh Shannon’s Cabaret Dinner Show” at Hamburger Mary’s, located on Church Street in downtown Orlando. Leigh Shannon has capitalized on his wit, humor, and experience in the entertainment industry to lead the legendary Cabaret Dinner show for 14 years to SOLD OUT crowds.

Beginning on January 5th, 2022, Leigh, a former candidate for Orlando City Council, District 3, will also be raising money for Stroke Awareness. These funds will go directly to Miss Cherylann Murphy Ponziano, a beloved College Park resident, mother, grandmother and very fun lady whom everyone loved while she was working as a cashier at Publix. Miss Cherylann Murphy Ponziano suffered a massive stroke, leaving her facing many challenges. While she is on the mend, this fundraiser serves to help offset the cost of increased financial burdens, healthcare costs, and the sudden changes to her way of life.

Cherylann Murphy Ponziano recipient of Leigh's fundraising
Cherylann Murphy Ponziano

Leigh’s mission to increase Stroke Awareness is now personal as of three months ago. Up until recently, Leigh had been quiet and very few people knew this about his personal challenge. Leigh was working one night on his run for Orlando District 3 City Commissioner when he felt his right knee go out at the door and felt very odd. He took two aspirin and went to hospital, and the next day found that he had a mild stroke. Leigh spent four days in hospital and went home to recover. Sadly, he had to resign from the race, citing circumstances beyond his control.

Leigh struggled with the feelings of disappointment and told no one other than very close friends about the stroke. He worked hard everyday to recover and return to himself. He went back to work in three weeks, and no one could tell that he had suffered a stroke. However, Leigh admits that he was struggling internally.

Leigh is now ready to share his story of stroke recovery and rehabilitation, as well as speak candidly about the depression that comes along in the aftermath of a stroke. He also wants to advocate for stroke awareness, and to raise money for other victims who are in need of assistance.

He will be sharing his story through media and at his Anniversary show on January 29th, 2022 at Hamburger Mary’s Orlando. A portion of proceeds of the show will go to Miss Cherylann Murphy Ponziano. A link to a Go Fund Me and a Raffle for Miss Cherylann Murphy Ponziano will also be available.

If you would like to know more about Leigh’s story first hand, please contact us for an interview. It is his hope that others may recognize the signs of stroke, and that others may be helped while on the road to stroke recovery.

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