Scooters Need to Co-exist with Pedestrians


COLLEGE PARK, FL—Orlando, city commissioners are expected to make the 18-month test of scooters permanent. However, many feel they are not addressing the continuing safety concerns expressed by residents such as sharing the road, safe speeds, and devices that are strewn all over town blocking sidewalks and creating safety concerns.

“Scooters are here to stay, but we must find a way to safely co-exist”, said Martin “Leigh Shannon” Fugate, District 3 Commissioner candidate. “We need to institute safety rules, just like we do for bicyclists, to share our roads and sidewalks.”

Recognizing that scooters can serve a vital function in a city with limited mass transportation, Shannon has proposed that proper docking locations for bikes and scooters be created to eliminate clutter and dangerous conditions as well as creating penalties for those who do not return scooters to the docking station. “We also need to set a safe speed for electric scooters being respectful of everyone who uses the sidewalks and look at creating special bike lanes for them,” said Shannon.

The scooters come in several varieties: some require a rider to stand on a platform like a kick-scooter and use a throttle to accelerate up to 10 mph, while others have a seat and can travel 20 mph on the street. Riders pay a fee on an app to unlock the vehicle and then are charged an additional fee based on how long or how far they travel. Currently, there are no rules that cover scooters on city streets which is a major concern to Shannon.

Shannon who is running as the “Voice of the People” vows to fight for his constituents. “I just think people are so frustrated by these scooters and that they didn’t get action on their complaints, that they have just given up. That’s not right. I promise to listen and propose solutions that benefit all.”

Commissioner Candidate Martin “Leigh Shannon” Fugate, a College Park resident and business owner, owns Ritzy Rags Wigs & More and is also an actor, comedian and female impersonator who frequently performs at Hamburger Mary’s and other venues around the region. Among Shannon’s priorities is updating the Rosemont Development Plan, a massive mixed-use project on the shore of Lake Orlando. Shannon believes the proposed development is too large for the area and as presented, will have a negative impact. That is why he supports a sharper eye to development proposals including public input. “I truly believe I’m the best man for this job and will be the voice of the people.”

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